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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

This time last year, Miss Amazing was on week 10 of being given 10 weeks to live.  She was mad at the whole wide world, and stuck in a beige hospital room with her head pressed up against the glass trying to get a sideways view of the Nashville fireworks display.  She was (and still kind of is) especially mad at me because I did NOT go out and watch fireworks, choosing instead to stay at home and sit on my porch watching the nearby neighborhoods shoot them off over the trees.  I called her on the phone and she could hear them going off around me.

If you'd have told me then that a year later I'd go out and stock up on Bud Light and watermelon (with a salt shaker) so that Miss Amazing could join our family 4th of July picnic... I'd have rolled my eyes and said miracles THAT big don't happen.

Apparently... they do.